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One catch: the job was in Dallas. What would it be like, Payne wondered, to live in Dallas as a thirtysomething black woman?

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QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5, or more. Some estimates presented here come from sample data, and thus have sampling errors that may render some apparent differences between geographies statistically indistinguishable. The vintage year e. Different sexy Myrtle dating years of estimates are not comparable. More Print. Plano city, Texas.

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It has also been updated to reflect that the dash cam video is still available on the Plano police Facebook Chandler women dating white men you simply need a Facebook to view it. It gives us the general public a negative annotation and makes us perceive individuals differently.

According to his family, the high school student has a clean record.

Plano city, texas

Where is the compassion? They simply charged him as a Pedestrian in the Roadway, a Class C misdemeanor, but white guys dating Yonkers girls to mention that Reese is only 18 and a high school student. On initial contact, officers tried speaking to Reese. We have reviewed footage of the video provided by the department. Reese told Fox 4 news that he walked in the middle of the road because of ice and snow on the sidewalks.

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Christian McPhate. Then an officer stepped in front of him, blocking his path. The arrest occurred on one of the coldest nights that Texas has experienced. He listened to their concerns, and marched with them.

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Reese continued walking away without acknowledging officers, Plano police wrote on Facebook. Officers exited their patrol vehicles to speak with him again.

They feature phrases, including "he's much more likely to abuse you," "he's much more likely to have stds" and "your kids probably won't be smart."

They plan to work with the department in training officers about the importance of discernment and sensitivity. Plano Police Chief Ed Drain must have also recognized the situation was indefensible.

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They did, however, continue to follow him for quite a distance before one of the officers keyed up the PA system and told him that they needed meet men San Antonio Texas TX speak with him because they could offer him help. I was there for maybe 5 minutes and then I was sent on my way.

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Uniformed Plano police officers gave protesters water. PPD is committed to providing further diversity training to help our officers better understand and respond to very valid distrust from the African American community when it comes to Hickory men dating black women with the police. It was just one of dozens of examples over the years when police take excessive, unwarranted action against Black men.

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Their presence simply escalates the matter. They asked where he was going. They added that they wanted to know how Plano police responded to other, similar situations.

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Are you going to Pembroke NC dates ideas all the middle age white women who jog in the streets every morning? No child, mine or anyone, should be in fear this way. The incident began shortly after p.

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All charges have been dropped and the officers involved have been disciplined. And yet, they never offered to give him a ride home. Who does this? He initially came to the defense of the officers. Local Profile contacted Fort Collins blossom dating review Drain for additional comment, but he was unavailable by press deadline.

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Reese continued trying to walk home and told officers where he was going. In a Feb. But year-old Ronald Reese was simply on his way home from a shift at Walmart. The arresting officer, however, did not to charge him with it. No crime was reported at the time of the incident and the teenager posed no threat to the community. In the summer ofdozens of Dating out of Medford OR residents united on the streets to protest police brutality against Black people, ing millions around the world who gathered in the name of George Floyd, killed in police custody.

Those processes obviously failed on Friday when Plano police officers arrested Reese on his way home from work.

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He appeared to be wearing only a short-sleeved t-shirt and shorts—though they were actually pants—and ice Columbus Ohio OH times online dating snow covered the road. He covers a More by Christian McPhate. Absolute abuse of power here. They wanted police to do a welfare check on him. Several social media commenters made the same point when Fox 4 news shared the story on Facebook.

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According to police, Reese resisted arrest. Instead, Reese spent the night in Plano jail on a Class C misdemeanor of a pedestrian impeding traffic, though there was no traffic due to icy weather conditions. He continued walking away from officers.

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Christian has been working as a freelance journalist in North Texas for more than a decade. He wore a t-shirt instead of a jacket because his father says his son is hot natured.

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No big deal. Police highlighted that Reese had initially resisted arrest, but officers decided not to charge him.

Video evidence

When does it stop? After the 7-minute interaction, the officers arrested Reese for walking in the middle of the road. Tuesday, Feb. The caller claimed that they saw a Black man stumbling down Hedgecoxe Road.