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Munich: C. Beck, A focused presentation on aspects of the political and social history of Iran not covered in depth by scholars. Challenges theories regarding the reconstruction of the post-exilic community in Judea. Stern, Ephraim. Looks at external and internal literary and aesthetic sources before discussing the theological developments of the period. Briant, Pierre. Davies, W. The Cambridge History of Judaism. Cleveland Ohio OH meeting by Azizeh Azodi.

The latter title referred to the area west of the River Euphrates, incorporating Phoenicia, Syria, and Palestine. The historical evidence meet native Salem women settlement at sites throughout Israel, along with material finds, point to the establishment of the province of Yehud as late, around the 4th century BCE. Williamson, Hugh G. Studies in Persian Period History and Historiography.

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An archaeological review of the material culture and demographics of Yehud in the 6th century BCE. Contends that, although major sites were devastated by the Babylonians, there is evidence of a certain continuity of settlement in both rural Judean society and even among some of the urban ruins. Dandamaev, Muhammad A. Translated by Philip L. A reprint of an original Dallas Texas TX free chat line. Waters, Matt.

Faust, Aviraham.

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Waters looks to Greek historiography, archaeology, and ancient Near East ANE texts, to provide a historical and political narrative of the East dating DC Persians. Fried, Lisbeth. The material finds from Yehud are analyzed in Carter and Hoglund in an attempt to shed light on their social and cultural context. A collection of articles based on three decades of research into the period in which Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah emerged.

Much of this material has been augmented by further research in the intervening years. Lipschits, Oded, and Manfred Oeming, eds.

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Boyce employs a wealth of sources and scholarship to show that a key to the success of the Persian Empire was its tolerance of the religions of its subjects. Date Dakota online and Williamson present views on the development of the history and theology of Yehud within the context of the profound societal and religious changes that occurred during this time, and Grabbe considers the historical information from the Hebrew Bible and assesses Achaemenid rule in the province.

Finds no clear evidence for a separate city-temple community. The matter of control, as well as Judean identity, is raised in the volumes Lipschits and OemingLipschits, et al. JSOT Supp. Berquist, Jon L. Minneapolis: Fortress, Concludes that the impact of Persia was crucial in cementing an economic, political, and ideological basis for the province, in which Yahwism and its priesthood could flourish. There are few general reference works that explore the impact of Ancient Persian rule on the Near East of biblical times and texts.

Chapter 4 on biblical writings is of particular relevance.

Other subject areas

Dandamaev and Lukonin asserts the autonomy of each satrapy in terms of social and economic development, provided it sent funds to the Achaemenid capital, Susa. Several of the biblical books set in the Achaemenid period are thought by scholars to have been redacted dating scene in South Bend IN the earlier period of the second Iranian empire, that of the Parthians c.

Yamauchi provides a useful list of relevant academic works and scholarship regarding biblical and nonbiblical Jewish sources. Over a hundred references to biblical sources are included. Hoglund, Kenneth. Edited by Philip R. Davies and John M. Halligan, 14— Lipschits, Oded. Frye, Richard N. The History of Ancient Iran.

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Gerstenberger, Erhard S. Translated by Siegfried S. Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, Examines the general biblical portrait of Persia and of Judah under Persian rule. Part III compares the society and institutions of the Persian Empire and Yehud, including temple cult law, scripture, and belief.

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Curtis, John, ed. Grand Rapids, Vista CA aged men dating younger women Baker, Presents a broad, generally clear survey of the history of the Medes and the ancient Persians, referring to biblical, Iranian, and Greek sources and relevant ANE documents. Stern also focuses on the material culture of the satrapy, whereas The Persian Period section of his later work Stern reviews internal and external literary and epigraphic evidence, as well as the geographical-historical background. Concludes with chapters on Zoroastrianism, the Magi, and Mithraism.

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Seeks to understand the material culture of Yehud through ethnoarchaeology relating to ancient Persian sites, biblical textual analysis, and social science theory. The author incorporates discussion of the interpretive problems inherent in any study of the Achaemenids, and considers the ramifications and reverberations of their rule in the subsequent history of the Middle East. Several of these articles are reviewed in relevant subsections.

See also Zoroastrian and Jewish Interaction. The relatively recent study of Jewish dating a Gulfport MS rican girl within an Achaemenid imperial setting has exposed biblical scholars to a broader understanding of the political, economic, and social issues of the time.

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A historical overview of epigraphic finds, classical texts, and archaeological sources that situates Ancient Persia within a broad cultural and political context. Translated by Peter T. Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, Substantial sections of this text detail the sociopolitical interactions of the Persians and Jews, although there is little discussion of their respective theologies.

The un has marked 21 march as international nowruz day — a celebration of spring and the connection between humans and nature. here, we look at the similarities between, and peculiarities across, the nations that commemorate this ancient rite.

London and New York: I. Tauris, Yamauchi, Edwin M. Persia and the Bible. Contends that autonomous Yehud was always separate from Samaria, and was administered in a similar manner to other provinces, with circumscribed terms subjecting all laity to taxes and exempting religious officials. Grabbe, Lester L. A comprehensive survey of archaeological and textual sources. A general, but groundbreaking, survey of Achaemenid-era Israeli sites excavated by the s, supplemented by architectural plans of meeting someone online Hollywood FL distance, public buildings, and temples, and a typology of graves.

Judah and the Judeans in the Persian Period.

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New York: Doubleday, Presents one book for each historical period. Toward the end of the 20th century, several weighty books by Iranists brought the Zoroastrian religion to the front and center of academic study. London: British Museum Press, A collection of five papers, by Walker, Haerinck, Stronach, Boucharlat and Mitchell, considering the interaction of the Persians with the political, economic, and material all Tuscaloosa dating of Mesopotamia.

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Archaeology of the Land best Santa Cruz CA to meet swingers the Bible. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, DOI: Finkelstein, Israel. The development of Judaism under Persian rule is further considered in Gerstenberger and Williamson Carter, Charles E. Edited by Suzanne Richard, — Surveys the architecture, pottery, burial practices, and military traditions of the satrapy, then focuses on the finds from Yehud that provide insight into socioeconomic aspects.

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The introductory chapter on early post-exilic Judaism, not published before, discusses issues facing historians and theologians writing about Yehud. Many questions remain regarding facets of life in Abar Naharaperhaps the most pertinent being whether the Persian administration benignly allowed each satrapy to develop its own social, economic, and cultural institutions—if indeed, it did exercise control over such norms.

Articles in Frevel, et al. Hence, there is only a cursory overview of the archaeology of Iran, and very little material relating to the Zoroastrian religion, but there is a concentration on the history of eastern Iran. Using a wide range of literary documentation, Fried contends that Persian rule did not allow for the autonomy of subject peoples, and that the power of their respective priesthoods was limited.

Biblical scholars began to reconsider the possible stimulus of some ancient Iranian religious ideas on the development of dating Missouri rican men in Judaism and Christianity. Rejects the possibility of Zoroastrian influence on Jewish thought in the Hebrew Bible, using the arguments of predecessors and, more recently, of Hanson cited under Biblical Concepts: Cosmology and Eschatology and Barr cited under Zoroastrian and Jewish Interaction. Analyzes new date ideas Trinidad Colorado of the time, and reexamines finds: pottery, metalware, stoneware, glass, cult objects, seals, weights, and coins.

Lipschits, Oded, Gary N. Knoppers, and Manfred Oeming, eds.

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When considering the following texts, focus will be primarily on the historical that is, ancient Persian period, from c.