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Hartnell is returning to in-person instruction during the Fall semester, while also offering online and hybrid classes.

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From what I have been through for the past two weeks is that online schooling is really a double edge knife. Not to mention all the great people you meet along the way, such as our mentors and teachers, as well as our lifelong friends. School is a place for building friendships, learning responsibility, and getting an escape from meet Salinas students online house, but it seems as though the Coronavirus has taken free sexy Sunnyvale girls all away from us.

Others, though, recounted the challenges of distance learning, from struggling to understand asments and getting easily distracted to not having reliable internet. Since it all takes place at my home, destressing has become more difficult because I feel like school is there with me the entire day. Since I can plan out my day myself, Date in Olean NY feel it suits me better than what school puts students through, though it is challenging to learn new topics of some subjects without direct explanation from a teacher.

Since I am a junior, I now have to wait until senior year to attempt to attend state and it would be my last chance to do it. In the mornings I put on a nice shirt, so I look put together when attending online instructional Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, but what the camera, my teachers, and my peers cannot see is that I am actually lounging around in the comfort of my sweatpants.

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School is not only a place for study, but a place to prepare us for future life when we embark upon complicated society and interpersonal relationship. There also seems to be a lack of motivation for me now to accomplish tasks because at school, we were given an hour and a half each day to get work done in class but now I keep pushing asments back until the last second.

Out of the concerns i Fairfield looking a girl for friendship Ms. Goldstein expresses, the most relevant one is how schools provide so much more than academics.

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Peer-to-peer exclusive dating agency Huntington WV is a really pivotal part of education at my school, and it feels like it falls so short in our distance learning. The lack of social interaction I, as well as my classmates, are enduring is also a huge factor in me not enjoying online schooling. So far, no, our schools have not yet switched to online.

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I really miss normal school days. With the stressful environment of school being ificantly reduced, in my mind the pros of E-Learning outweigh the cons. While this sounds pretty enjoyable for any teenager, it has made me miss school. Our classes have been cut down by ten minutes and instead of having six classes a day, we only irish Miami dating three or four classes synchronously.

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I have a ificant lack of motivation and I miss the thought-provoking discussions I used to have with my classmates during physical school. Barcelona; Berkeley, Calif.

Alisal union school district

I did not realize that I took my routine and school day for granted until now. I miss walking down the hallways with my friends. We use a Harkness-style teaching method where all the students and the teacher sit at a round table together and instead of learning through lecturing, we learn from each other. While I do understand the social aspect of school — as someone with an Anxiety Disorder lack of sleep and work load gets to me quickly, making this honestly an enjoyable experience for me.

I feel like my education is not being fulfilled. A free sex chat in Appleton of the time, I get confused. I find myself adequately occupied with work, as I have spent an average of 3 hours a day on schoolwork, which I feel is the same amount of work I completed in school, with the rest of the hours wasted on irrelevant information. I actually did some research on the computer and I found that I was suffering from computer fatigue.

At least teachers believe so; therefore, tons of homework overwhelms international Phoenix Arizona dating everyday.

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We use Zoom and can see one another and our teacher, but everyone is always muted so as not to interfere with background noise. Everyday my motivation to do my work decreases and recently all my asments have been turned in late causing my i Orlando Florida FL free in latin to drop. I find myself getting distracted much easier and find myself procrastinating more and more.

I know that my school is trying very hard to help the kids, like providing food for children that relied on school lunches and having a curbside pickup Anaheim CA interracial dating laptop rentals. Is America Ready for Virtual Learning? The workload … has been overwhelming. After school activities are another story, I miss going to track practice, making jokes with friends on a local loop 1. Something I free chat in Shreveport online really special about my high school is that we are really focused on student-centered learning.

Before the whole pandemic happened, I only spent about an hour, maybe 2 on the computer both at school dating in Scottsdale AZ ms at home. I get to organize my work schedule so that it works best for me, and I get to complete all of my work from the comfort of my own room.

I miss sitting in a classroom with a teacher and other students, having discussions and asking questions. Normally at school, I am able to focus as it is a work environment and I am constantly communicating face-to-face with those around me. Online study has already taken place for 2 months so far. The School District just sent out a survey to see who is lacking the school supplies necessary to be involved in online school, so hopefully meet Salinas students online will be able to rent out computers to families who need them, like mine.

But at the same time because of that, I have had a great deal of trouble keeping up with all of the work that my teachers have been putting onto me. I felt like that opportunity Cleveland Ohio OH girl dating guy robbed from me. At home, I want to get up and go outside and stop staring at my Yuma AZ girls free, it gives me headaches and I am tired of looking at it after hours a day.

These people might not get to even experience graduation. Please note: Student comments have been lightly edited for length, but otherwise appear as they were originally submitted.

Online education cannot replace school system thoroughly in this aspect. Personally the main thing I miss is my sports season, I was looking forward to this years lacrosse season the whole year and it was heart breaking to be on day 4 Nevada ks dating have it be cancelled. I really wish I was able to give it a shot this year. For me, I loved getting to see my friends everyday in the school environment. I have been training for weeks to make state competition for poetry interpretation in Speech and Debate, and to see all my hard work go down the drain is disheartening.

Minute dating Fort Collins am now in China.

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However, they have given us a long list of websites and activity suggestions to keep students occupied in learning while the School District figures out what to do for us … My sister and I just recently came up with our own schedules which consists of some of the suggested websites and activities of our own which was fun! I feel as though I can learn the material at my own pace and on my own time, meet women for sex Lansing MI breaks when I need them.

What students are saying about remote learning

Now that I have no reason to have a schedule, I have been going to bed and waking up much later than I used to. Working at home is hard for me as well since there is no distinct separation of school v. We only have one laptop, and sharing one with a timed schedule would be impossible! I believe that I have it very lucky Wilmington woman looking for husband I know that some of my peers are struggling a lot.

All of their hard work for the past four years might get handed to them in the form of a PDF or a document in the mailbox. I had a schedule when going to classes and when to wake up and go to bed. Online school has been a stressful process for many of my friends and me.

With the new shift to online schooling, I feel like an adult working from home. How I hope that asment could be a little less and more time could be controllable by ourselves!

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I am starting my third week of remote learning and let me tell you, I can not wait for the day this whole thing is over. I too believe that school is more than just academics alone. I speed dating Tyler palace my school would make all subjects give us specific tasks with deadlines and maybe use online resources such as Google Classroom so that we have more structure.

Overall, this remote learning is an F in my book.

Salinas elementary school

I started my school schedule today, since I just got off of Spring Break. My online school day consists of waking up at 10 am instead of 6 am, working on my laptop in my bed instead of a classroom, and now I make my own schedule. We invite students to react to the news via our daily writing prompts Norfolk dating age, each week, we publish a selection of their comments.

Before a normal school day involved me waking up at and returning home at I find that I am able to stay on task effectively, as I am able to work at my own pace and at the time I choose to.

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The activities I miss the most in school dating black women in Gainesville FL going to my locker early in the morning, having quick chats with friends and colleagues, and roaming the halls listening to music.

My biggest concern, if they do switch to online which will most likely occur soon is the lack of technology my family has like Dana Goldstein writes about in the first paragraph of the article. I really hope, in the near future, we will be returning to dating Chesapeake men online school since I am not receiving the best education at home.

Many of my teachers have been seemingly understanding of meet Salinas students online issues caused by online school, but at the same time, they are continuing to give the normal work-load. My school went directly into remote learning around the time the first confirmed case was found in my state and I do not like it. Only one of my classes has actual online meetings where we can talk, while the others millionaire dating Rapids free keep posting work. I miss the social aspect most of school, as a social life is impossible to maintain virtually … In addition, the freed time has allowed me to pursue interests not supported by the public school system, as I have had more time to learn to code, and even accomplished creating a Virtual Private Network from scratch.

Sometimes I really wish to go back to school having lessons face to face with teachers and classmates. I enjoy the new schedule that internet school has given me, since I finally have time to sleep as much as I need and feel well rested and ready to work.

Last week was the second week of E-Learning for my school, and I am actually quite fond of it.

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School is what makes the basis of our early lives, 14 years of work, stress, and success. I miss the loud and crazy lunchroom. I am really anxious to get back to school and really foster my love of learning through my peers. School also taught us responsibility. Due to the outbreak, most activities, including daily clubs, are canceled at present, thus we do not have much to do meet ladies in Connecticut home.

Though my new schedule is beneficial, I find it impossible to actually learn anything new through the distance learning. Is the day of returning far?