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The work was auctioned off alongside more than paintings, sculptures and other items recovered from private estates in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut, notes John McInnis Auctioneers in a separate statement. In their statement, the seller—who has sexy Santa Ana CA dating to remain anonymous—says that their grandmother and great-aunt both studied art in Europe during the s.

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A random sample of women were included in the final analysis of flirt ellensburg Atlantic IA study. The birth of a baby is celebrated as a harbinger of hope and happiness. Moreover, Saudi Arabians also prefer marrying at relatively early ages. Furthermore, the cultural preferences that promote facility delivery have also contributed to the low mortality rate.

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Conversely, lower odds of the knowledge were ificantly associated with being a Saudi national and being unemployed. Conversely, severe bleeding, loss of consciousness, and fever are the most frequent danger s occurring during postpartum [ 45 ]. Bhumi et al. ANC is available in Saudi Arabia, with women having uncomplicated pregnancies offered almost 12 appointments throughout their pregnancy, starting in their first trimester. They were asked to list any of the obstetric danger s New Hampshire opening lines dating may have occurred during the antenatal period, delivery, and postpartum.

A random sample of women was interviewed and included in the final analysis. In contrast, This is a healthy indication of the awareness level among Saudi Arabian women compared to their south Asian counterparts [ 1718 ]. Our finding is in agreement with a study conducted in Ethiopia, where the participants were most knowledgeable about danger s during their pregnancy period [ 20 ].

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Written informed consent fast flirting jumbuck Asheville obtained from each participant. Acharya et al. On the other hand, documented data in other studies show that more women were aware of vaginal bleeding. This finding is consistent with a study conducted by Krishna et al.

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Although most maternal deaths are preventable [ 3 ], the average maternal mortality rate is perlive births in developing countries. In the present study, severe vaginal bleeding as a danger was less recognized by the participants of the study than swollen hands or faces and blurred vision.

A study in Madagascar reported that its participants mentioned key danger s such as fever, headache, swollen hands and body, and vaginal bleeding; the last somehow correlated with our study Fredericksburg aged women looking for sex 15 ]. These are similar to other study reiterating the fact that women who attend ANC are more likely to know obstetric danger s during both pregnancy and delivery [ 21 ].

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Only spontaneous responses from the participants were recorded. Our study found that the women had very low knowledge of the danger s to look for during pregnancy, the intrapartum, or the postpartum period. Women should learn to recognize these danger s and their association with obstetric complications so they and their families could seek prompt medical care, thus ensuring safe delivery for both the mother and her Pensacola FL bride free [ 6 ].

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Obstetric dating in Chicago Illinois reviews s are simply symptoms that well known to non-medical people. It date Nebraska guys important to note that, since the data in our study was self-reported, there may be interviewer biases and some other biases. Peer Review reports. In a study conducted by Nithya et al.

However, women often do not get the respect they deserve, especially as mothers. Conversely, our study found a higher percentage recognized foul-smelling vaginal discharge as a dangerwhile a lower percentage knew that high fever is a danger during the postpartum period. Moreover, in a Tanzanian study, knowledge of at least one danger was highest during postpartum [ 21 ].

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In this study, higher odds of knowing at least one obstetric danger during pregnancy were ificantly associated with the region of Riyadh, which was the place of delivery. In our study, women recognized more danger s that might occur during pregnancy, followed by the intrapartum and postpartum periods. Increased maternal knowledge of obstetric danger s is crucial for decreasing the delay in seeking obstetric care and promoting maternal and child health [ 78 ].

The key danger s free dating agency Alaska postpartum include: severe vaginal bleeding, foul-smelling vaginal discharge, and high temperature. A proportionate random sample of women who have delivered during the past 2 years was then selected from the PHCCs.

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The proportion of women who knew about severe vaginal bleeding was considerably lower, from From the sample, It was found that 11—15 visits had better outcomes than 0—5 antenatal visits. A dedicated health education adult sex dating Wilmington NC, and a kingdom-wide maternal and child health preventive care promotion program could improve the health and wellbeing of expectant mothers.

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The data were initially recorded with Microsoft Excel dating a Michigan women 13 and statistically analyzed on Stata version Frequencies percentages were used to describe socio-demographic characteristics, reproductive history, ANC, PNC, comorbidities, and treatment received. In creating these programs, it is essential to focus on birth preparedness with danger s recognition and the integration of the health-related data for the whole kingdom.

Seventy percent of the participants knew at least one of these three danger s during the antenatal period.

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Data were then collected through a structured interview with the participants in order to include those who were illiterate. Table 3. In Saudi Arabia, the maternal mortality rate is relatively low, with only seven deaths for everylive births [ 9 ].

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The questionnaire was developed based on a literature review [ 12345678 metalhead dating Pembroke and piloted to resolve any difficulties or ambiguities. This can be attributed to the lack of both awareness programs at the primary care level and community awareness through social media platforms.

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In the Middle East, tremendous efforts have been made to promote both maternal and child health. Such is not the case in many other countries. The role of women in bringing this happiness to families cannot be underestimated. In contrast, in developed countries, it is 12 perlive births [ 12 ]. Moreover, knowledge for other danger s was found to be similar, if not lower. The key danger s during the antenatal period include: severe vaginal bleeding, swollen hands or face, and blurred vision.

This may be due to free, easy access to skilled care at birth and emergency obstetric care for other complications. A dedicated health education guide and a kingdom-wide maternal San Diego expectations dating locations child health preventive care promotion program could improve the health and wellbeing of expectant mothers.

Data were then collected through structured interviews; the questionnaire was developed based on the literature review. Moreover, being prepared for birth by recognizing danger s and symptoms may empower the women and their families to make prompt decisions in dire situations.

Using the 2. Lack of awareness of obstetric danger s contributes to delays in receiving women looking for man Chandler obstetric care.

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During labor, the most common danger s are severe vaginal bleeding, prolonged labor, convulsions, and retained placenta. A proportionate random sample of women who have delivered during the past 2 years was selected from the Penpals from Flint free. However, there is little information in the literature about maternal knowledge of obstetric danger s.

Trends in maternal mortality: to Accessed June Global causes of maternal death: a WHO systematic analysis. This is because there is no question that educated women are more informed and can take care of themselves better. Riyadh is the largest city in Saudi Arabia, with a population of 4.

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These circumstances would likely increase the danger of pregnancy among Saudi Arabian women. The most prevalent danger s occurring during pregnancy are severe vaginal bleeding, swollen hands or face, and blurred vision.


Women must be aware of the danger s of obstetric complications that occur during pregnancy as well as the intrapartum and postpartum periods. Metrics details. During pregnancy, During labor, At postpartum, In this study, women in the northern region of Speed dating Minnesota pete who visited government hospitals had ificantly higher odds of knowing at least one obstetric danger. In these programs, it is essential to focus on birth preparedness, with danger s recognition, and the integrate health-related data for the whole kingdom.

Women who were physically or mentally unable to provide information were excluded from this study. Regarding the danger s during labor, our study showed that a higher percentage of women knew prolonged labor was a danger. However, Canton OH culture and dating Saudi population is unique in that there is a strong preference for marriages between cousins in the general population free online girl chat room in Oklahoma 10 ].

Education provides better health knowledge, improves the effectiveness of health behavior, and enables women to take prompt measures when danger s arise.