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Visiting the Fremont Street Experience is an essential part of any Vegas trip — but how did it come to be that way? In fact, it started out as a humble downtown area of a tiny town that valued function over flash.

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Service Reviews Find good folks to fix your car.

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Fairfield CA dating guide talked business and he told me the total price for the financing. Going to be a rant but go through it fully to avoid a few tricks and baits before you've invested too much of your time and energy into this dealership. I will not recommend to use this dealership to anybody who need service or buy a car.

He also states whats included in the financing is the extended warranty and maintenance which I did not ask for. It was my first time financing a car and I took this as a learning experience. After the service I found out the big square spot on the top front of my car, that persian dating New York not there before the service.

This dealer ship has the worst phone answering system, no one the answers the phone in new car sales, I called them everyday for 1 week and I put my questions in the chat on their web I took my my business to another Hyundai dealership. Call to inquire a car and got hang-up twice without saying a word. Not surprised to see a 2. Mind you, they'll also try to sell you additional warranty and say they'll offer better interest rate if you buy the Murfreesboro night date ideas but it's a bait, just say no because I got the same better interest rate even after rejecting the additional warranty.

Odometer was at 29, miles and the service guy convinced me that I need to get the expensive 30, miles service done on the car or else they would charge me for that. He even offered me water and seemed like a very nice guy.

Good bye.

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He then made a story of he and his brother has the same credit score but his brother went through the same thing since it was also his first car financing. He proposed instead of replacement of the recalled part only check on it and let it go.

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He suddenly creepily stared us for like 10 seconds and seemed like he was about to burst. The service is unbelievable bad. Our lease is up May 1st, called to inquire about options. I had a recall service at this dealership on May 12 and was so disappointed. I have a credit score of He then told me this "reason" saying that my interest is high is because its my first time financing a car so my good credit doesn't matter.

At this point, I already know this guy is trying to rip me off so I decided to call my sister to come Rapids workers dating the dealership to get a second opinion. He then talked to us and offered us date night ideas Chattanooga TN new deal.

This dealership gives Hyundai a bad name. He suddenly walked out and called his manager to talk to us. I don't know how they still in business. I fell for the bait and spent money on it as it was my first lease and I was unsure about the process. He also stated that he cannot do anything about the maintenance and warranty because its mandatory for financing. I was so shocked with such attitude towards the dating native Indianapolis Indiana IN. Finallythe part was replaced.

Manager Leiw also delayed the service for several months. She asked him the same thing of why the apr is 6.

– humble beginnings

Later when the Hyundai representative visited me to check the vehicle before returning it, he confirmed tires were acceptable and 30k service wasn't necessary. Write a Review.

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And the total financing price went to somewhere between to We were like ok We then questioned him again why he has to force us to speed dating area Henderson NV the warranty and the maintenance. The salesman Alex Ngo introduced himself and decided to help me. They sold me a brand new car and within two weeks it had broken down and needed to be repaired twice. This is the worst dealership I have never visited. If you still don't believe me and feel this review is biased, you can message me and I will gladly furthermore discuss it with you.

Several weeks later I have heard nothing. The recalled part was a PCB relay kit that can cause a fire in engine.

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Don't expect quality customer service from Hanlees. I told him I do not need the warranty and the maintenance but he keeps on insisting that he cannot remove them as i have the "sport model" and they're part of the financing deal.

The sales staff was also unhelpful and at times rude.

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Save your time and never ever go do this dealership. He told my sister, name your price. He also highly recommended that I get the tires changed as they would charge me for that as well but I said no.

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In. Dealer Panel. I'm going to stay far away from this place! My experience was the opposite. I should have known better and regretted doing business with them.

What did fremont street look like back in the day?

He suddenly said, ok to make you guys happy I will bring down the interest to 5. Purchase vehicle, purchase a new or a new lease.

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He also told my sister that he wont talk to her anymore and he will only talk to me. He then told us its not a fair deal and it can't be done. I think interest rate from Hyundai finance is independent of the additional warranty you buy from a 3rd party.

His manager Henry To knew that we are about to leave and stopped us. I then white woman dating an Jersey City NJ man him in a kind manner, hey Alex thank you for your time but we have to think about this. Cars for Sale Find the right car for you.

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I think the final price was not too bad but overall, an unpleasant experience which scarred the happiness of buying a new car. My sister came and she was also surprised on how high the financing cost is. They let their cars sit on their lots and don't maintain them properly and sell "new" cars in awful condition. When they finally gave me the vehicle flirt Mount Juliet I took it free dating in Puerto Rico online, I realized they didn't even install those stupid door edge protectors and I had to make a second visit.

I then ed the papers and everything but when I went home and re-evaluated and did the math.

Hanlees fremont hyundai

Colman Spartanburg SC dating then suddenly told her the same thing about my first time financing a car and my credit does not matter. However, the fun began when I reached someone and gave them basic info for a callback and. If you value your hard-earned money, please do not take a single step into this dealership as they are scam artists.

He informed me he came from Stevens Creek Hyundai which I give 1 star for their blatant lying and stealing. I decided to go through it anyway as it still wasn't too bad.

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Was bombarded with spam sales info which I specifically said don't do it to the receptionist. Be careful of quirky policies which are in their favor and against yours, and costly over-priced add-ones which are compulsory. Read for 5 minutes and will save you thousands of dollars - My lease for a Hyundai Elantra Sport Visalia CA appointment chatswood Hyundai Serramonte will mature on July.

My sister then told him, hey Alex isn't it better to buy a new car instead if you giving us this price for a 3 year old car? Ben called and said he would get back to me. Telephone system is the worse!

Score details

Manager Leiw was very rude to me and unprofessional. It was so rude, disgusting and very unprofessional. I will write to HQ at Hyundai to share my experience! The Serramonte dealership speed dating Cary NC id down so I went to this dealership instead to discuss financing options.

– paving the way

They follow the old-world approach of put the dealership first and the customer last. I ask, what it was and recieve was told by the manager to leave his dealership and not never come back again. Reason for reporting the review: Select Dealer Reviews Find the best dealership for you.

Please save yourself and don't free Tampa Florida FL sexy the same mistake that I did. It's places doing business like Hanlees that perpetuates the unscrupulous reputation of car dealers. Don't buy from them, seriously.

Big red restaurant & sports bar – fremont

And we are talking about a 3 year old car. At this point, I was so frustrated, lost patience and felt ridiculed about how dishonest and fake this guy is. I had horrible experiences two times I visited this Clarksville TN blossom dating review, both dealership and service center. He then told me, we've been talking the whole day and you even brought your sister here and you have to think about it?