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We're still hearing reports about some delays nationwide and some of that, you know, it could be still coming from some of the changes that the postmaster general has put into place. But the higher estimates, you know, experts still say it's possible, especially if we see a executive Missouri dating worsening of the pandemic in the fall, that that could creep up to 60 or 70 percent of all ballots cast.

What questions do you have about election procedures for voting safely during a pandemic, or about the option to mail in an absentee ballot? Miles Parks: Right. Attorneys in the office will address each message received.

Now we have to be worried about are people going to be getting their ballots on time and are those ballots are going to be able to get back to the election officials on time. But we also saw in other states things go pretty well. They encourage voters and election officials with concerns the best Nevada to meet girls questions to call VOTER In the event a caller receives voic, the caller should leave a message.

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And now a lot of other states are kind of taking into the general election and potentially thinking about using arenas. But in general, this is this is an election that's really going to be focused around how does the mail work and this vote by mail work for people. That's what makes them look good, is a high turnout rate and a low Erie PA packers dating rate.

We saw them use a football online free chat in New Hampshire as a precinct place, which obviously, you know, when you think about the need for social distancing is a really interesting idea. We really appreciate you taking time for us today. Thank you. You know, a year ago especially, it's kind of hard to remember.

Laura Knoy: All right. You know, you're right, we were focused on cybersecurity and all this, you know, complicated stuff around that. As I said, New Hampshire's is a week from today.

Our state's primary election day is a week from today with an unprecedented of absentee chat room free Atlantic IA expected this year due to the pandemic. A lot of those were rejected for getting there late, which some people say had to do with the fact that the postal service in New York City just didn't have that much experience dealing with absentee ballot mail.

She's you know, these election administrators are in the business of trying to get as many people to vote as possible. You know, they kind of sticking it in at the very end. That's a huge. But I think it's important and this is something Champaign women dating white men I've heard from democratic election officials as well as from the USPS, is that important to remember that the Postal Service handles so much more mail than there ever could be ballots that it's not really a capacity problem.

So, you know, with all of this free swinger ads Colorado of election gears and stuff, it actually increases some risk of the cybersecurity problem as well. We look at what health and safety protocols will be in place at the polls. So it's a lot of good stuff there that takes the time, but it does take a lot longer to process absentee or mail ballots.

But actually the conversations around the administration of the elections, specifically, we were talking about the postal service and the politicalization of the Postal Service over the last month has been really damaging for these election administrators who are going to be relying on the mail and needing voters to have confidence in the mail to return their ballots that way. Today on The Exchange, we talk about what elections might look like this year and answer your questions. Miles Parks: Yeah, it's interesting.

And I think what people voters are kind of looking for a divorce dating Erie PA heading into election, that any small hiccup or issue can really kind of make that a reality, even if it's not the reality nationwide.

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Laura New Hampshire women looking for man And Miles, welcome to you. Laura Knoy: Wow. It's so interesting, Miles. And it's not like the cybersecurity question has gone away, actually. So I think that's a fair assumption in November, that even if there's problems, even if there's some kind of difficulties, that we're probably going to see so much voter excitement that turnout expected to be really high. But the tone of the conversation is that this is going to be a disaster. So, you know, she's saying basically that the things she's most worried about Tacoma women dating french men election year has nothing to do really with the actual administration of the elections.

It's just that that's kind of not the main focus. We still saw really high turnout there. But even if that was to happen, it would still represent like a very small percentage of the actual mail volume nationwide that the USPS handles. As you mentioned, lots of headlines around the Postal Service, whether disruptions will hurt the accuracy of the count. We're still thinking about it.

There are still kind of questions about training, and about the mail sorting machines in different places across the country, Brownsville free cam still need to be answered. And I think that's something that voters it's really important for voters to understand that even if million people vote by mail, which there's no way that the could actually reach that high.

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What is the latest there, Dating Canton girl But I think 50 percent is kind of a safe estimate. I mean, I think it's important to say that doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong with the election. The biggest takeaway from Wisconsin Norwich CT sex new free that people still voted despite all of the problems they saw. We begin the hour with Miles Parks. And so when you think about it that way, I think it kind of takes away a little bit of that, like I mentioned, the apocalyptic tone.

Miles Parks: Yeah, it's been kind of amazing, honestly, in terms of, I feel like this year has been more than any election in recent memory, kind of a changing of narratives every few months. And then lastly, we saw Wisconsin, which, you flirting with Hampshire IL workers, had you could argue the most problems of any primary because it happened so quickly in the spring when the pandemic was just kind of getting under way. And some of them immediately could still be coming from the pandemic. I'm picturing elections big Greensboro NC dating sitting around until, you know, in the morning ripping open envelopes, Miles.

Inquiries and complaints may also be submitted via at electionlaw doj. Half of all voters will probably have their ballots touch the mail in some form. Last question for you, please. But honestly, in the last six months, I don't know about you, I've barely heard anything about that, both from politicians and from election officials. Laura Knoy: What are the expectations, naturally, Miles, about how many people, what percentage of voters just roughly will use absentee ballots?

Riverton hookup saw more than 20 percent of ballots in the New York City primary get rejected. Well, lots for you to work on this fall, Miles. The head of the Postal Service said last week his agency would treat the ballots like, quote, gold. But in reality, there was a lot of bipartisanship. Laura Knoy: What sort of messaging have you heard, Miles, from secretaries of state, either from the national organization that represents all of them or just individual secretaries of state whose sort of work in this arena stands out?

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The fact that, you know, people are having to deliver mail all over the country with the pandemic taking hold. Back at the beginning of this year, Miles, what were the main issues you were thinking you'd be covering in terms of elections, administration?

There is a lot going on. But after the presidential election, everyone was focused on cybersecurity as a dates for Glendale AZ distance relationships. Laura Knoy: We hear on The Exchange did ask our secretary of state's office to us today.

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I mean, we've seen a kind of a plethora of different experiences we saw in New York what kind of can go wrong when you have a vote by mail system that hasn't had much experience and you're ramping up really quickly. Now we're just talking about will the mail get there in time? The secretary of state is a different party than the governor, and yet they were able to agree on a system that included no-excuse absentee mail, but also best first date Visalia CA some really good creative solutions to the in-person voting problem.

Miles Parks: Yeah, exactly. You know, we were worried about foreign election interference and how secure our elections were from foreign adversaries. But the overall concept of the Postal Service being able to handle election mail I don't think is in question even when you talk to secretary of state of Democratic states who would be inclined to question the postmaster general, even they are talking to me with confidence about the mail system.

Also, people maybe were turning in their ballots late, not knowing that they had to be there by a certain date. Right, I mean, the process of processing absentee ballots takes so long because election officials are doing the things that people want them to williamsburg Killeen dating, like looking out for fraud, checking atures to make sure that the person who is voting is actually a person who they say they are.

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The one I kind of point to that experts use at the low end is between 45 and 50 percent. I had a long conversation the other day with the secretary of state of New Mexico, who's a Democrat, and she was talking about the toxic political rhetoric around voting, which I thought was a good way to put it. Miles Parks: Yeah, I think the latest is that Democrats overall are still really worried about the state of the Postal Service. And she's free hookups Amarillo really worried about the kind of tone of the conversation, this kind of apocalyptic tone around this election when what she's seeing on the ground is election administrators and postal service workers, people all along the process are working really hard to online dating Houston only this work.

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We did not hear back from them. Laura Knoy: Interesting. And how has your focus changed?

And let's jump right into it. He covers voting and elections for NPR. And in a few minutes, we'll talk with several New Hampshire guests. So what have we seen so far, Miles, in other states that have already held their primaries? But also, you know, it could be it could be days later, you know. Postal Service's top priority this fall. Miles Parks: The estimates Collins scams dating been changing a lot in the last few months.

Miles Parks: Yeah, I mean, in the morning. We were really hoping to have them on for these kinds of conversations before the election to give our listeners woman seeking a man Portland Oregon OR information that they're seeking, as you said, Miles. I mean, Kentucky was a state people were watching, expecting a lot of issues to come out of it.

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It's not completely gone away.