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The Packers are aware of his feelings, concerned about them and have had team president Mark Murphy, general manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur each fly out on separate trips to meet with Rodgers at various points this offseason, sources told ESPN. Rodgers, 37, has not budged online dating chat rooms Chicago Illinois IL offseason, but neither have the Packers, who have made it known they are not interested in trading Rodgers anywhere. The San Francisco 49ers checked with the Packers about Rodgers' potential availability on Wednesday night, but general manager John Lynch said Thursday that the call didn't go anywhere, and he was quickly rebuffed.

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There are countless finish variations and crossovers between styles of finish and bottle type or function. Mineral or Double Oil 3. These differences are easier see by comparing pictures than it is to describe click brandy finish for a pop-up image of such.

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For the purposes of this website these minor variations are all considered to be double ring finishes. Double Adult dating in Point TX 2. It is hoped that this website can help clarify and standardize the naming of the majority of finish styles, though given the confusion and differences of opinion on the subject, that may not be possible. Even within a given finish type or style there are many subtle variations and gradations between international dating Orleans examples.

The lower part can be rounded on some of the later to about export finish types on beer bottles like shown by the image below of an aqua export beer bottle finish from around Lockhart et al.

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For instance, the finishes in the picture above are all "typical" for the particular bottle type and era of production. If unsure of what finish type a bottle has, scroll down through the s to view more pictures and variations of each finish type covered.

If a three-part finish, the middle online dating for Idaho 18 is referred to as that - the middle part. The classification of finishes within this complex of s is based primarily on morphology, i.

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It can be found on both mouth-blown and machine-made bottles, though is uncommon on the latter. The finish use and dating information noted for each finish type is based on a synthesis of published materials and the empirical observations of this site's author over many years of studying historic bottles.

The popularity of this finish was dating bath Chandler a combination of corking strength, relative ease of manufacturing, and probably even esthetics. Patent, Extract, or Flat 8.

Each finish description Brainerd MN hookups also contain hyperlinks to images of the entire bottle s that the given finish is found on. References are noted where possible, though only limited information has been published on the subject of finish types and their dating and use.

Sheared Ring 7.

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Stove Pipe 5. PackerEnglish Ring, or Deep Lip 9.

An example of this is the cobalt blue bottle to the lower right. Frequent gradation between the mineral and brandy finishes make differentiation difficult or impossible at times. Regardless of this Santa Rosa CA aunties dating use, there is often some value in the dating and identification of historic bottles based on finish type or style.

This two-part finish is composed of a moderately tall, flat sided to slightly rounded and tapered expanding outwards from rim to base upper part above a narrow lower part which typically has a more distinct outward flare as shown in the pictures to the left and below. The lower part of a mineral finish has a flattened and flared outer surface which usually comes to a distinct sharp edge as shown in meet people from Bremerton WA image above; a feature particularly common on the older s and before examples.

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Unfortunately, the hosting of that website has been discontinued recently For example, the illustration to the right is from the Illinois Glass Company catalogue and shows the finish date a native Huntington man that were popular just after the turn of the century. The stacked ring finish finish 23 which consists of two equally proportioned rings is also considered as a variation of the double ring finish.

In any event, this in deed to achieve the following: - Describe the most widely accepted names and the range of known names for each type of finish. Of primary importance were: Whitall Tatum Co. Hamilton CompanyIllinois Glass Co. 40 year old Bend OR date sceneBellaire Bottle Co.

Other references were also consulted, but to a lesser degree than those listed, including most of the other glassmakers catalogs noted on the References .

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MINERAL or Double Oil - Also known as a double long tapered collartapered collar with ringring-neck tapered collar, long tapered collar with ringshort brandy with ring, tapered double collardouble tapered collar, tapered with skirt, collared blob, export if on a beer bottle; aqua finish pictured below rightdate spot Santa Rosa CA on a "Saratoga" type mineral water bottle; green finish pictured to the leftwhiskey finishsometimes a brandy finish 12and simply a double collar.

As the images in this section show, the upper part can range from a very distinct taper image to left to a more subtle taper image below right. The primary differences are that the mineral finish has a shorter upper part typically times the height of the lower part than the brandy finish 3 or more times the height of cheap date ideas in Lakewood CO lower part and the brandy finish always has a rounded edge to the lower part, i.

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Study the pictures below to find the finish of interest, then click on its hyperlinked name to move directly to the finish description which may be on this or one of the other two linked s. However, like most aspects of historic bottle dating and identification, the realm of bottle finish types is very complicated and difficult to simplify or standardize. Other variations can have either or both rings somewhat or totally flattened on outside.

One can see from the assortment of double ring finishes shown here, that the use sex meets Naperville this very popular finish type spanned at least years. Given this wide span of usage the dating of bottles with this finish must be done using other diagnostic features, including the method of finishing not the type of finish.

This was also called a citrate of magnesia finish as this dating grand rapids Lincoln is very often found on such bottles Alther ; Bellaire Topeka KS aunties dating. Some finish styles can be indicative of the product that the bottle held. There are undoubtedly other names also used for subtle variations of the mineral finish of which there were many.

Aerotek: packer - 2nd shift (erie,pa)

There is also a lot of confusion and inconsistencies in the terminology used to refer to the same style of finish which points out the utility of establishing some naming standardization for this site. Fike used the illustration presumably for the purpose of showing the array of medicine bottle finishes possible and speed dating Minnesota pete illustration may not have been intended to be all embracing.

Be aware that all of the "parts" were almost always manufactured together, not separately as the parts notation may seem to imply see Part I: Methods of Finishing a Bottle. If a two-part finish, the lip is also frequently referred to as the upper part and the collar as the lower part. Wide Prescription or Flared 6.

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Most or all of these finish styles can also be found on bottles pre-dating the Civil War, indicating the danger of meeting someone online Illinois distance too much from just the finish style itself. Click on the thumbnail picture in the table to view a larger version of the same picture for closer inspection.

All holding co. llc: packer (erie,pa)

This two-part finish is composed of two connected "rings" european women dating Seattle men a thicker taller and slightly wider side to side variably rounded ring at the top of the finish the "lip" with a thinner and narrower variably rounded to flat ring below i.

Bead 4. Between about and the s, and particularly between andthis style of finish was one of the most popular and functional finishes used. However, many of the most important finishes are shown on the illustration. This popular general two-part finish style had a lot of form variation e.

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Prescription Reinforced Extract Oil or Ring Brandy or Wine Globular Flare Flare or Trumpet Straight Sheared or Blow Over Small Mouth External Thread Large Mouth External Thread date girls in Carolina Champagne Crown Blob Grooved Ring Flared Free dating events Plano Stacked Ring Collared Ring Straight Brandy or Wine Mushroom or "Tippecanoe" Pouring Inside Thre Rolled or Folded Wax Seal Capseat or "Common Sense" Club Sauce Ground String Rim Tapered Down Tapered Collar DOUBLE RING - Also known as a double collardouble beaddouble lip, Davis-typestacked ringbead lip with a ringround band lower flared, broad round collar with lower bevel, inverted double ringcitrate of magnesia finishdouble roll collar, stacked ringand likely other names as this was a very commonly utilized finish over a long era.

The example pictured to the above left is on a generic non-product embossed "cathedral" peppersauce picking up girls in the Boston condiment bottle dating between about andas the base has a diagnostic iron pontil scar.

The tooled double ring finish to the immediate right colorless bottle is on a "picnic" style flask from G. Portland, OR. This style of flask typically but not exclusively had this type of finish and was most popular between about and Thomas The applied double ring finish to the middle right blue green bottle is on a large Erie PA packers dating medicine bottle - Lindsey's Blood Searcher Hollidaysburg, PA.

This bottle likely dates v Newport News dating and as it has an iron pontil scar on the base. This finish is similar to the brandy finish 12 described later. The illustration to the above right is from the Illinois Glass Company catalog and shows that company's double ring finish which has a sharp outer edge to the upper part and a sprint Shreveport date palm lower part. As noted earlier, the IMACS 25 list has been expanded to cover an assortment of other distinct finishes; these begin with Jackson duvalle date In the finish specific narratives each finish type is briefly described, the known alternative names noted, the types of bottles that finish is primarily found on also noted, and one or more images listed to show the typical as well as some variations of the finish on different types of bottles.

Note the crude finish appearance including the "slop-over" of glass onto the neck from the lower portion of the finish - a key diagnostic feature of an applied finish.