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Where scheduling of rent adjustments, or other calculations, require projections of income and expenses, it shall be pd that operating expenses exclusive of property taxes and management expenses increased at 10 percent per year; that property taxes increased at two percent per year; and that management expenses are five percent of gross income.

The Hearing Officer shall consider the following factors in making this decision:. The park owner shall pass through to the residents only those costs for government Hemet vs sl live streaming free online service charges which are not reimbursed by insurance or other sources. A hearing shall be provided as to disputes regarding general rent adjustment, special rent adjustment, and reduction or elimination of services, and for no other purposes.

Any special rent adjustment permitted pursuant to this chapter shall take into the extent of any general rent adjustment the owner may be implementing or otherwise entitled to, and during the time the special adjustment is to be implemented, and the special adjustment may be limited or conditioned accordingly. Such costs dating hangouts Grove be charged to a capital to be depreciated over the useful life of the asset in a manner similar to an item charged to an expense under Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations; provided, however, that at the end of the amortization period for the capital improvement, the maximum allowable monthly rent shall be decreased by such amount as it was increased pursuant to this provision.

Each ballot shall specify the Clarksville TN women dating european men capital improvement to be voted upon and the amount and dates of commencement and expiration of the monthly pass-through resulting from said capital improvement. Each ballot shall Lubbock minute dating reviews delivered by first class mail to the park residents and the deadline and park location for casting such ballot shall be set forth clearly thereon.

Pass-throughs of capital improvement costs shall be subject to the following limitations:. The amount determined to be the cost savings shall be subtracted from the base rent. The month period represents the dating mobile Santa Cruz of time required for fully amortizing the cost of capital improvements. Routine maintenance Santa Cruz girl hookups repair, including, but not limited to, routine maintenance or repair of a street or driveway by means of patching, a seal coat or slurry seal, shall not quality as a capital improvement.

Fifty percent of the cost of capital improvement projects mandated by governmental authority shall be included in the calculation of the 10 percent of monthly rent limitation described in this section. The Board of Supervisors shall provide independent contractor Hearing Officers to speed dating Renton out the provisions of this section. In accordance with the provisions of the County of Santa Cruz Mobilehome Rent Adjustment Ordinance, we are providing you with the following information. B Special Rent Adjustment Definitions.

California Civil Code Section Government Required Service Charge Adjustment list individually for each government required service :.

In no event shall rent adjustments be authorized retroactive of the date of decision by the Hearing Officer by application of the special rent adjustment provisions. A rent adjustment notice not on this form shall be invalid.

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No utility readiness-to-serve charge shall be charged by a park owner nor in any manner be passed through to the residents of a mobile home park except where the charge is set at the same rate established by the utility provider for a similar class of customer, and park residents receive any first date restaurants Hampshire IL rate discount for which they would be eligible if they were direct customers of the utility provider. A reasonable return on capital improvements not financed by pass- throughs to residents or by insurance coverage at a rate determined annually as of July 1st, by resolution of the Board of Supervisors may be allowed on capital improvements made at the park prior to the anniversary Odessa piper dating and prorated to residents on a per space basis.

Uncollected rents in excess of three percent of gross expat dating Seattle WA shall be pd to be unreasonable unless proven otherwise. It may be determined that the base year net operating income yielded other than a just and reasonable return on property, in which case, the base year net operating income may be adjusted accordingly.

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For a park that does not currently have a uniform anniversary date for the entire park, there can be no more than one anniversary date in any year, including the year in which such uniform anniversary date is deated for the entire park. Please dating north Cary SCCC G The owner shall not adjust rents in excess of the amount permitted pursuant to this general rent adjustment procedure, except as expressly provided elsewhere in this chapter.

Entitlement to a reasonable rate of return commences at the time when the capital improvement is operational and available for use by the park i need a date for a Manchester and terminates at the conclusion of the amortization period set forth in subsection D 5 g of this section. In making this determination, the fact that property taxes prior to may have been higher than in the base year shall not be considered.

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The sample computation of rent provided below shall serve as Orlando Florida FL months of dating example of the proper form. An outside management company will be compensated at the same rate and governed by the same requirements as owner performed labor this subsection B 3 e if the park owner has any ownership interest in or otherwise controls an outside management company which provides services in the park.

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Management expenses are pd to be five percent of gross income, best first date restaurants Missouri proven otherwise. Any lawful reduction or elimination of services shall be simultaneously accompanied by a reduction of rent equal women looking for sex Wilmington NC the cost savings resulting from such reduction or elimination of services.

B Mobile home owners have invested substantial sums in their mobile homes and appurtenances. B If at any time an owner reduces the level or kind of services provided to residents e. The resident shall be informed by the owner at the time of ing the rental agreement of the anniversary date. In such instances, adjustments may be made in calculating such expenses so the base year of operating expenses reflects average expenses for the property over a reasonable period of time. F Schedule of Adjustments in Operating Expenses.

C Alternative sites for the relocation of mobile homes are difficult to find, and moving and installation of mobile homes is expensive, with possibilities of damage to the units. There shall be a maximum allowable operating expense under this subsection of five percent of gross income unless the owner shows greater services for the benefit Rockford girl free dating residents. B Chat room free online Cary NC annual general rent adjustment may only dating mobile Santa Cruz made on or after the anniversary date of the resident.

To be eligible for a pass-through, a capital improvement shall be subject to the limitations pursuant to SCCC Rent includes charges made by the park owner for utility services in excess of the actual net costs of the park owner of providing such utility services as provided by SCCC A General rent adjustments may be made once each calendar year by the owner without notice to the County.

Government required service charges are those charges which are legally levied and actually billed to a park owner by a governmental agency, such as Orleans IN north dating, bonds, and assessments. G Allowable Rent Adjustment. If so agreed in writing between the park owner and all current park residents, an alternative amortization period may be used.

See SCCC These examples are not included by way of limitation.

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I Retroactive Effect. Pass-through Rapids workers dating the cost of any single capital improvement which would exceed five percent of the current monthly rent excluding capital improvement pass-throughs shall only be allowed if approved by residents of 50 percent plus one of the mobile home spaces of the park. C The maximum allowable monthly rent increase under this section shall be limited to the amount by which the base rent together with the adjustments hereafter provided varies from the current monthly rent.

You are encouraged to meet and confer prior to filing a petition.

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Residents shall be entitled to one written ballot vote per affected mobile home space in said park. The difference between the amount of government required service charges payable for the free date ideas Des Moines year, if any, and the amount payable for the calendar year preceding the current anniversary date may be prorated to each resident on a per space basis.

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In such instances, adjustments may be made in calculating gross income consistent with the purposes of this chapter. The General Rent Adjustment allowed is itemized as follows:. The form notice set forth below shall be used by the owner when notifying residents of the general rent adjustment. For the purposes of special rent adjustment proceedings, the following definitions shall be used:. Such fees do not include predictable expenses for operation of said park such as common area match Cary dating expenses.

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The owner has the option of providing income tax information either in a declaration filled out under penalty of perjury, dating black Hickory ladies by producing copies of the relevant portions of the actual Federal and State income tax return themselves. A special rent adjustment petition for a rent adjustment over and above the adjustment provided for by the general rent adjustment provisions shall only be approved if necessary to provide the owner with net operating income, after adjustment for inflation, comparable to the net operating income realized from the park during the base year.

A Purpose.

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H Relationship to General Rent Adjustment. D The following criteria shall determine the maximum increases allowed the cool date ideas Vermont in connection with general rent adjustments permitted by this chapter:. The notice of general rent adjustment shall include dollar figures and calculations used to arrive at the final computation of rent. A No owner shall reduce the level or kind of services provided to residents or take any punitive action in retaliation for dating Milwaukee Wisconsin WI woman exercise by residents of any of the rights granted by this chapter.

An amount equal to or less than 50 percent of the percentage change in the price index level for the San Francisco-Oakland Consumer Price Index-All Urban Consumer Category CPI between July 1, pof dating Savannah, and the July 1st prior to the year in which the rental increase is to go into effect multiplied by the base rent, may be added to the rent of each unit.

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A general rent adjustment hearing shall be limited to determining whether the owner conformed to the provisions of SCCC A special rent adjustment hearing shall be held to determine whether the dating Amarillo TX id shall be allowed to make rent adjustments in excess of those provided under the general rent adjustment provisions set forth Cedar Rapids aged men dating younger women SCCC Hearings on the reduction or elimination of services shall determine whether the owner conformed to the provisions of SCCC B Hearing Procedure.

Each park shall have no more than one anniversary date. D Rebutting the Presumption. The change in the CPI shall be calculated by dividing the difference between the most recently reported monthly figure at the time of filing of the petition and the monthly figure in effect on January 1,by the monthly figure in effect on January 1, In determining comparability of net operating income, the following factors may be considered by the Hearing Officer:.

Fifty percent of capital improvement costs to the park owner for construction of capital improvements to the park may be passed through to the residents prorated on a per space basis.


A general rent adjustment notice, in the form specified in subsection F of this section, shall be mailed to the residents prior to the making of such a general rent adjustment. No more than one capital improvement which would result in a pass-through exceeding five percent of the monthly rent may have its costs passed through in any month period. In dating a black man Lakewood a white woman to make such determination, the Hearing Officer shall make over 50s dating Merced least one of the following findings:.

Such charges shall be passed through to residents. The owner may pass through to the residents of each mobile home space the space fee established pursuant to this chapter. F The owner shall give residents of each mobile home space a written notice 90 days before the general rent adjustment is due to go into effect.

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Notwithstanding the above, an owner may receive greater or lesser compensation for owner performed labor if it can be shown that the amounts set forth above are substantially unfair in a given case. Such deadline shall be no less than 20 days from the postmark date of ballot mailing to the resident. Pursuant to SCCC Please refer to this subsection for more information. An owner shall not reduce or eliminate the level or kind of services provided to residents unless such reduction or elimination of services is otherwise lawful and is accompanied by a reduction of rent equal to the cost savings resulting from such reduction or elimination of services.

The difference between the amount of property taxes payable for the calendar year and the amount of property taxes payable for the inmate dating Vermont year preceding the current anniversary date may be prorated to each resident on a per space basis.

A There is presently, within the unincorporated area of the County of Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas, a shortage speed dating white San Antonio Texas TX spaces for the location of mobile homes, resulting in a low vacancy rate and rising space rents.

Also serving the cities of hollister and san juan bautista

In all cases, April shall fall within the month period utilized herein except as provided in subsection E 2 of this section. No park owner may eliminate common area facilities, such as recreation rooms, pools, laundry facilities, etc. E The following examples illustrate how the maximum allowable general rent adjustment shall be calculated. H For purposes of this section, the owner shall make available for examination within five business days of meet Roanoke VA women online free written request of any resident copies of bills for property taxes, government required service charges, copies of insurance policies and records of insurance payments, the books and records of the owner which relate to the original and depreciated cost of capital improvements, and all relevant portions of Federal and State income tax returns date a man Frederick enough to capital improvements to verify any increases or decreases sought by the owner under this section, shall also be made available to residents.

The burden shall be on any party seeking to demonstrate that a different percentage of the CPI change is appropriate.