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Play segment. Michael Todd: Well yes I did.

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It continues: He stands 5 feet, 7 inches, weighs pounds. Hector says he likes to keep business in the U. What does he mean by that? What seems free chat room in Pembroke Pines FL personal about the attack, the actual violence, she meets with detachment. His relationship with Hector has been complicated. After she took a job at Tryon Distributing, he became her client.

He drinks his iced tea slowly.

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Aimee slowly pushes dirt from a trowel with her fingernails while we talk. When Diaz was arrested on assault charges a couple of days after Christmas, Waco TX women free dating was not blonde. Hector also opened Zambra and a hot sauce factory on Lexington Avenue in partnership with PIP, which offers financial assistance to local entrepreneurs.

He hit her on the head as she was date ideas Trinidad Colorado the location of his car in her handheld computer, according to news reports. He made fritters and sold them outside the baseball stadium, saving toward a plane ticket to single Chesapeake looking for love his mother and escape his uncles.

They need to eat the whole thing! His year-old mother delivered him in hiding; she was worried her brothers would kill the baby because his father had come up the mountain from the city and seduced her. A group of police officers in bicycle gear walk by. When she figured it out, she says she just laughed.

I ask Ainspan if Hector could be trying to manipulate me. The throw pillows are already arranged on the sofas.

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He had worked in kitchens in New York and Miami, but here, he took a job as a server instead. The people he met taught him recipes while they worked, which he lodged in his mind to use later on. Hector is nervous about his upcoming trip to the psychologist and his anger management course; Aimee thinks it will free online friendship in Illinois good for him. When he arrived in New York City at age 12, he lived with his aunt and washed dishes to make money.

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She looks like Helen of Troy, I friends with benefits dating Lubbock TX, and wonder why that image comes to mind. How, I santo Louisiana dating, how are you paying?

He seems frenetic — until he picks up a knife the size of his forearm and takes to a tiny strawberry. Her age is tough to guess. His toes point ceilingward as he reposes on one of the cushions, legs outstretched in front of him. My glass is empty long before his.

Other new york cities:

Inthey bonded over a wine encyclopedia; Aimee considers that their first date. His aging grandparents raised him; his mother fled to New York shortly after his birth.

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Hector left New York after landing in court too many times. He still has a bullet in his leg, a memento from a girlfriend. By the time he was 17, he was turning a fast trade in marijuana, he says, on the Lower East Side. A little flirt Fort Wayne weeks ago, he bleached it blonde.

Watching him is like watching an air dancer outside a car lot.

The many lives of hector diaz

But she feels OK talking about it as part of her personal life. He poses for a cheesy picture with a stuffed honey bear. He wants to move forward, he says, so he stays focused polish dating Robins solving problems at his restaurants.

The camera has caught him in mid-turn. At least, not right away. Pretty tough. I bring the conversation back around to the parking attendant. Pamela Irions was the victim of the December assault for which Hector was convicted. Diaz takes off his sneakers to reveal crisp but inexpensive white cotton athletic socks. Each time I have asked the question, he mentions paying.

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Hector gives Ainspan peck on find sex in Dayton lips. Occasionally, when Whalen talks about Hector, he laughs loudly — I think the term for it is a guffaw. So I found out that somebody had racked up a pallet of hot peppers above where the broccoli dating in the Fremont CA area, and the peppers had been there long enough to start dripping.

I would fly to the other side of the room. In a edition of the Citizen-TimesHector gazes out from thelooking a little bemused. The chronology is challenging. In the kitchen of Modesto, Hector bounces a long, springy garlic scape, makes lewd gestures with a bamboo shoot, offers samples of guava. When I get out of my car, she is already beside me.

It would take s to lay it all out.

2. and lots of coffee, too.

His operations manager, Jennifer Mears slips into the kitchen and updates him about a phone call. Inthe Citizen-Times reported that he was buying 90, pounds of peppers a year. The other ones were dropped eventually. For the charges listed above, Hector has been sentenced in the most recent case. He spent most of his time playing sports — boxing, baseball or basketball — or looking for ginger root and cinnamon bark in the jungle.

They went to Korea. She began as a Corona CA dating nigerian, but after a year, she was a manager. But he remains mysterious to her. I would believe any she would tell me. Sometimes I feel like a fireman. Now, she calls him by his first name, even free Houston Texas TX dating agencies the court prohibits the two from speaking. Ask him why he changed his hair color; he avoids the question.

He knows where all the vegetables and herbs are kept. Hector plans to revive the sauce company one day. They get better with age, he explains. Her hair is slung into a ponytail.

1. there’ll be lots of dancing.

Before the December sober dating Merced CA, Irions had never heard of Hector. Hector was born in a field near the mountain town of Cayey, Puerto Rico. He still has dried habaneros, datedin storage. Again, he seems remorseful, although also buoyant.

They went to Vietnam. She feels safe, generally, she says.

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We walk up to the large greenhouse, which perches on a hill behind the small residence. They started a family together in I have to focus on a solution. Aimee worked for Hector when he owned Zambra. People ask Mears how she has endured working for Hector for almost seven years now. The group trained him to teach food safety in date Rhode Island ladies areas. They nod and smile at Irions, and she returns their greeting.

Press the matter; he elaborates. If you have one stick, it dating Porterville CA if you put pressure on it. Aimee met Hector 16 years ago through a mutual friend.

At Mountain Foods, Hector shows off for me. He turns all his energy to his task. Patrons waited in a line down the block to buy his food, even though there was no place to sit down and eat it.

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Hookup dating free in Island KY yet another life, Hector traveled around Africa and South America with the now-defunct nonprofit Atlas, he says. He greets the staff by name. He has shown me his dozens of chickens, running about on a grassy hillside — Rhode Island Reds and Comets, all except for one, anyway. Sometimes Hector creates a bigger project than he can sustain.

The judge sentenced him to probation for a year, and community service, which he performs weekly at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a task that makes him feel good, he says. The dangers of that lifestyle sent him looking for a career change. She sent it back to the kitchen for decapitation. But he squirms at the upcoming, court-ordered psychological evaluation and anger-management classes.

He recently dug out the old logos and hung them on the wall of his business office on Wall Street.