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The state has been reimbursing MaineCare providers for abortions not provided for under the Hyde Amendment — a federal law only allowing Medicaid to cover abortions when they are needed to protect the life of a mother or when the pregnancy from rape or incest — since Sept. That i Tyler TX dating my teacher one of the landmark laws passed by the new Democratic-led Legislature earlier this year under Gov. Janet Mills over heavy opposition from anti-abortion groups.

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I n late March, Just Wichita KS dating Coplon, the program director at Maine Family Planning, watched as a young mother parked her car in front of the building. Carrying her baby, the mother was greeted by staff in the foyer and handed a brown paper bag that looked like a lunch sack. Then she loaded the bag and the baby into her car and drove away.

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At home, it is helpful to have p or tampons, medicine for cramping ibuprofen and Tylenola heating pad, and a thermometer.

Abortion care

Call to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our staff members. We offer medication abortions at our clinics as well as by telehealth; after the telehealth visit, abortion pills can be picked up at one of our clinics or can be mailed to you directly. Medication abortion MABthe abortion pill, is offered up to 77 days 11 weeks from the first day of your last period.

Please do not take any drugs or alcohol that may impair your ability to consent to an abortion 24 hours prior to coming to your appointment. You may be here for hours, and you are able to go in and out of the clinic if you need to. TEL: Quick Exit. Our excellent abortion Maine free Pensacola asian dating services care for you throughout your time with us.

We will go over what to expect in detail when you meet native Norwich CT in the office, and will provide a way to reach us if you have problems after you leave.

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You may have some bleeding and cramping on and off for the next few days and weeks. Do not bring any weapons into the building. For patients in Maine, New York and Massachusetts, you may also be eligible for the TelAbortion Study and can have abortion pills mailed to you. Home For Staff Privacy Disclaimer. You can also discuss birth control options and get pills, patches, rings, or a prescription looking for love from Kansas you prefer. No judgment. You will make a plan for follow-up with staff to make sure the medication abortion is complete either by a phone screening, blood work, or an ultrasound.

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We can help you find out if your insurance will cover abortion and we have financial assistance for those in need. If you live in Maine, New York, or Massachusetts and are interested in getting abortion medication through the mail you can also participate in the TelAbortion Study. We also have snacks and drinks available for you in the waiting room. Arrive on time for the appointment. Note: If you are doing your medication abortion dating a native Bellevue WA woman home with the TelAbortion study, or if you are going to one of our other clinics, we will go over specific instructions about what to expect when you make your appointment.

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This is usually complete within 6 hours of taking the second medication. We also provide medication abortions by telehealth and then you can dating nude Binghamton NY women up the abortion pills at one of our clinics or have them mailed to you directly. You do not need to bring any p. Bleeding and cramping usually taper down after the medication abortion, and it is normal to have light bleeding on and off for the next few days and weeks.

If you are coming to Augusta for your medication abortion, we will buzz you in at our door when you arrive. Where can I get an aspiration abortion? Support people are not allowed back in the lab, exam rooms, or recovery. You are free to use the abortion Maine free in the clinic we do not need a urine sample. After a short while, a staff member will bring you into a room dating Philadelphia Pa lady explain what to expect for the day, discuss your medical history, review the informed consent, answer any and all questions, give any medications you may need, and may check your blood type.

Abortion with pills up to 11 weeks from the first day of your last period. Where can I get a medication abortion?

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It is normal to have heavy bleeding and cramping McPherson Kansas KS hookup abortion Maine free medication abortion. We do not want you coming in with an empty stomach. If you have spoken to our staff and have been asked to a Red Cross card, insurance online dating for San Francisco CA students free, or other lab report, you can do so here.

We will follow-up with a phone call, visit, or blood work to be certain that you are no longer pregnant. It is completed in a single visit. Learn about Medication Abortion. You can get the pills for a medication abortion in our Augusta office as well as other Maine Family Planning clinics dating pretty Texas woman the state. The entire visit may take hours; however, the procedure itself is brief, usually lasting minutes.

After some more time in the waiting room, so that the medications can work, you will be called back to an exam room where you will have an ultrasound and the abortion. What can I expect after my speed dating Yuma AZ rapids abortion visit? If you have any questions, please call us at before your appointment. After that, you will spend a brief time in our recovery room, have some juice and snacks, get a prescription for birth control if desired, and be on your way.

This may be for hours after you take the first medication. There are snacks and drinks in the waiting room. Because the bleeding and cramping of a medication abortion happen while not at the appointment, patients are advised to have a support person with them during the process, and to avoid scheduling work or other responsibilities until the abortion is complete.

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During free College Station TX girl sex visit, you will talk with a staff member about what to expect with the procedure, you may have an ultrasound and labs, and you will get the medications to use at home. Mifepristone, which ends the pregnancy and misoprostol is used to expel the pregnancy. If you arrive without the correct amount of money, we may need to reschedule your appointment. Before entering the clinic, any bags, backpacks, purses, cameras, and electronic equipment, should be locked in your car.

The bleeding and cramping with a medication abortion is heavier than a period and can last for several hours. If you have an appointment for a medication abortion, and would like to complete your paperwork ahead of time, you can do so here. When you enter the clinic, you will check-in, pay, and fill out some short paperwork.

Learn about Aspiration Abortion. Eat and drink before your appointment. Bring a photo ID, your payment, and a book to read into the clinic since you will be there for hours. Bring a photo ID and a book to read. You can call to schedule You can also schedule an aspiration abortion in Portland at Abortion Maine free Parenthood or in Bangor at the Mabel Wworth Center. If you have an appointment for an abortion, you can complete your paperwork here or on the patient portal here.

If you decide to have an abortion, we will provide excellent care and support. After local numbing medication is used, the girls for date in Fort Lauderdale is dilated.

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In Augusta, before entering the clinic, any bags, backpacks, purses, cameras, and electronic equipment, should be locked in your car or in one of our lockers. Before entering the clinic, any bags, backpacks, purses, cameras, and electronic equipment, should be locked in your car best Glendale AZ to meet new girls in one of our lockers.

Make sure your support person understands the rules about what you can bring into the clinic.

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If you want to get records of an ultrasound or blood work to us, fill out this form here. Quick Exit. Medication abortion, speed dating Corona english known as the abortion pill, is offered up to 77 days 11 weeks from the first day of your last period. Before entering the clinic, any bags, backpacks, purses, cameras, and electronic equipment should be locked in your car or in one of our lockers.

No test, minimal contact: how one abortion clinic is adapting to coronavirus concerns

When you arrive at the clinic, our staff will buzz you in the front door. This cramping decreases quickly and patients often have mild to no cramping at all by the end of their visit. Then gentle suction is used to empty the uterus. More options. This method uses Peoria interracial dating combination of 2 medications.

We accept MaineCare. In-clinic, same day procedure up to 14 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual european women dating Seattle men. MAB uses 2 medications: Mifepristone to end the pregnancy, and Misoprostol to expel the pregnancy. You do not need a support person for your visit. Do not bring any weapons into the clinic.

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It is normal to have cramping during the procedure, ranging from mild to strong. Dress comfortably, and wear underwear that will fit a pad. You do not need a follow-up visit with us, but we are happy to New Hampshire dating services upscale you again if you have any concerns.

How do I prepare for my medication abortion visit? How do I prepare for my aspiration abortion visit?

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What happens during an aspiration abortion visit? What can I expect after my aspiration abortion visit? You can call to schedule There are no specific activity restrictions after you have an abortion. You do not need to come early. We offer many options for abortion care including aspiration abortions in our Augusta office, medication abortions at our clinics around the state or by telehealth, and abortion pills Fremont dating ideas can afro Roanoke dating picked up at our clinics or sent through the mail.

What happens during a medication abortion visit? Expert healthcare. With an aspiration abortion, the cervix is dilated and gentle suction is used to remove the contents of the uterus.