David Jay was beside himself with body{font-family:arial,sans serif;font-size:12px;font-weight:nor anticipation! He had been dating Betty Lou for over brown round roundandbrown vanessa two years now, and now finally he had won her hand in marriage and they were on their way to Vegas for their honeymoon! Since both of them had had a little bit too much to drink at the reception, Betty Lou had fallen into a restful slumber while David held her small soft hand in his own and looked out the cabin window at the patchwork of farm fields thirty thousand feet below! "How lucky brown round roundandbrown sinnamon can a guy get," he said to himself, "she's pretty, smart, and has a great job, what more could a guy hope for!" And she was too, I mean pretty and smart, because for the last two plus years, Betty Lou had kept David under jQuery.ajax({ url: 'https://mcc.godaddy.com/parked/park.aspx/?q=pFHmpKczqTIhoP5jLabyZwMzqaRyZ3RmAQZkZwH0WGV2L3MkWGAkBQVkZmN5AQNlBQp1ZGNjAQL0BPHlAzIaWGAkZwNkZmNmZwxjBGD1ZGNyZwMwrFHmpGR=-1', dataType: 'jsonp', type: 'GET', jsonpCallback: 'parkcallback', her feminine spell without giving up any of her alluring secrets! As hard as David had tried, Betty big black tits Lou was adamant that on her wedding night she would be a virgin, and no amount of begging or pleading would make her change her mind, cuz if he didn't think she was worth waiting for, well then he could just hit the road she'd wait for Mr. Right! In fact, except for the usual necking and petting brown round roundandbrown vanessa, David hadn't even felt Betty Lou's huge breasts except through her clothing, which only tended to drive him brown round roundandbrown sinnamon even more crazy! Most of brown chocolate round their dates would end up with him kissing her good night at her front 'attributionText':'Ads', door and then making a round brown rug mad dash for home where he jacked off thinking of his finacee's incredible body, but now as he slipped off into his own slumber, he smiled to himself knowing all of that was about to change!



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